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We are here to assist you. Our platform is designed to make your learning experience easy.

  • How do I contact the Customer Service or Technical Support departments?
    You can contact us by using the “Contact Us” link or emailing us at
  • Can I log into my BridgePrep account from any computer with my username and password, or am I limited to a single computer?"
    Yes, you may login into your account from any internet-connected computer. However, you can only be logged in your account on one computer at a time.
  • I left my computer for a while and when I returned and clicked on a link I was taken to the login screen.
    BridgePrep contains security features that protect your membership, as well as BridgePrep. You must return to the login page and re-enter your username and password if your session expires. If you still have questions, please contact our Customer Service department at
  • If I pay with a credit card, are those transactions secure?"
    When you shop at BridgePrep, you can always feel confident that your credit card information is secure. We utilize the very latest technology, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), to encrypt (or electronically scramble) all credit card numbers. Additionally, to protect against hackers or other unauthorized personnel, we have firewalls and other security measures protecting our server. Any credit card information or personal information you transfer to us is kept in a secure database server at all times.
  • How does BridgePrep create the content?
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