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Getting Started

Product Details

What is Discover?

Our introductory product, Discover exposes you to competitive careers, we give you the information you need to be successful including advice from industry experts. With Discover you will be able to explore in-demand careers and get a taste of what to expect on the job. This is the ultimate career readiness introduction.


Who should use Discover?

Discover is great for anyone looking to get an understanding of competitive careers. This includes college bound individuals or individuals transitioning directly to the workforce.


What is Professional?

Professional is designed for individuals looking to enhance their knowledge and skills in the workforce. Whether individuals are looking to prepare for the interview process, grow in a current role or switch careers Professional can help individuals take the next step.


Who should use Professional?

Professional is great for anyone looking to enter the workforce or advance in a current role. This includes college students, graduate students, career switchers, and business professionals.


What is Innovate?

If you are an entrepreneur looking to take your idea or business to the next level then Innovate is for you. Whether you have or are thinking about starting a product, service or web-based business we can help. We work with seasoned and successful entrepreneurs from a variety of fields to bring you the knowledge and experience necessary to succeed.


Who should use Innovate?

Entrepreneurs in various stages, which include idea, early stage and establish companies.

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